Glam Bam and Rome!

Hey guys and welcome!

I am starting my beauty-fitness-tips-hobbies blog today and I am very excited! I hope you all will help me improve and enjoy my posts! (:

So today I simply wanted to talk about my trip to Rome a year ago. Since summer is coming, I really, really miss that place. It was the highlight of my life to go there and I will definitely go there again and again in my life! One of the things I loved on the trip was that I got to shop for dresses to go there because it was really hot ( nearly 40 degrees celsius! ). But the buildings, the people, the air – it was so fabulous that I nearly escaped the airport on our last day there to stay in Rome!  

Let me tell you, the people come out at night because (obviously) it is very hot during the day to be outside. And they just have so much fun and it was a great cultural experience. 

Here is a picture of the Colosseum!!! This was the place where I was the most excited to go throughout the entire trip. I just could not wait to get in there and take a million pictures! Haha! Image

Btw here is a tip! When you go on a big city holiday and go to those big tourist attractions where there are long, long lines then there are also tourist guides to offer you a quick entry for a “small” fee. Always consider it before you say yes! Usually they ask 15-20 euros per person and I can tell you that in the Vatican City it helped paying a tourist guide because there were really, really long lines (+ it started to rain), but in the Colosseum I wouldn’t go with those people because we got in at the same time as the group that invited us. The guide told is it’ll take us two hours if we don’t go with them, so you can understand why it is always necessary to make sure that you won’t be wasting money. I hope this tip helped you especially since summer time is coming and I’m sure many of you have big plans! (:


I hope you enjoyed my first blog post and I will talk to you guys very, very soon!


xoxo, missglamguru


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