Tips to help you get through finals!

Hey everyone!

May and June are probably the most stressful months as a student. I am a high-school senior and have upcoming exams and finals and all kinds of tests. So I wanted to share my tips and tricks with you!

1. Rest! Try to do your prep work during the day so you don’t have to sit late. Take breaks every hour – watch your favorite show, eat, go for a walk. And sleep for at least 7 hours a night!

2. Read, read, read. Make sure you know the topic the test is going to be about, usually schools give students competence goal lists where all the goals for this semester/school year are written on. Make sure to go through that list and see that you know what stands on it, this way you won’t do “too much” reading and can stay focused.
Also, have your books, notebooks, notes on the computer, extra sheets right there when you’re studying – this way you have all the information you need.







3. Flash cards! These things are genius! You write down important expressions, names, year numbers, what ever you need to remember and write the answer on the other side. This way you can check to make sure you know the correct answer/meaning of what ever has been asked. I don’t use the real flash cards, I just use post-its and they work just as fine. (:

Here is an example:


4. Brain foooooood! 😀 Fruits, nuts, chocolate, homemade dinner – it all helps! It gives you energy and keeps you going!


I really hope these simple tips help you through your finals and let me know how you study for finals! (:

xoxo, missglamguru