Sunday night essentials

Hey guys! (:

So today I wanted to make a little blog post about my sunday night essentials! Stuff I do and use to make my sunday night cosy and lovely!

First of all I light a bunch of scented candles, right now I have cherry scented candles all around my room! And they smell goooood! What’s your favourite scented candle smell? 



Next thing that I do (almost) every sunday is my manicure and pedicure! 😀 So here is my nail polish box, which I painted myself so don’t mind the crappy paint job (: I think this weekend I’ll actually match the colour on my toes and fingers! What do you think, maybe red? (: 



Obviously who can go through a sunday evening without ice cream! My this week’s choice is Ben&Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake! Can’t wait to try it out! [review?]
So guys, these three things are just pretty much standard things that I do every sunday. If you would like a manny/peddy tutorial, review of the ice cream or anything else just leave a comment below! (: 
xoxo, missglamguru